WEi (위아이) pronounced "uiai" formerly known as "OUI BOYS" or "OUIKID" is a boygroup that debuted on October 5, 2020 under OUI Entertainment, their agency revealed the name of the group on july 10, 2020. WEi consist in 6 members: Jang Daehyeon, Kim Donghan, Yoo Yongha, Kim Yohan, Kang Seokhwa and Kim Junseo. All members participated in survival shows.Produce 101 Season 2: Donghan and Daehyeon
Under Nineteen: Yongha and Junseo
YG Treasure box: Seokhwa
Produce x 101: Yohan and Seokhwa
Fandom name: RUi (Are You I?), this has two meanings:1. Wei's "Up"is the name ofthe 17th constellation of the 28th constellations floating in the sky, and "Lu"is the name of the 16th constellation. Just as Lu illuminates the place above the constellation, Luai means to shine and lead WEi.
2. R U I? (Are You I?) meaning "WEi and Luai recognize each other's destiny and ask, confirming each other's destiny (or mirror).
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Colors meaning: Day time members (297C) who meets night time members (281C) and becomes one as WEi, serves as a refuge (a peaceful place where you can rest in) (7679C) inside RUi’s heart, and will exist shining on each other.next page

PRE-DEBUTOn september 19, 2017, OUI released the first pre-debut single of "OUIKID" titled hold me, in the song you can hear Yongha's voice and other three ex trainees.Listen to hold me click here!On june 17, 2020, OUI announced their plans for their first boygroup and they will debut in the second half of 2020. Following june 23 of the same year began pre-debut promotions of OUIBOYS, confirming as members Daehyeon, Donghan, Yohan and Seokhwa.In that time OUI didn't announced Yongha and Junseo in the lineup because they were promoting with their previous group (1THE9).On july 10, 2020, OUI revealed the name, social media and their logo of WEi.On august 11, 2020, OUI confirmed Yongha and Junseo as part of the WEi's lineup.Finally, their agency announced the date of WEi's debut, ¡October 5, 2020!FIRST COMEBACK! IDENTITY: ChallengeOn january 18, 2021, an article said that WEi were planning to make their comeback next month in February, 2021 with a new mini album and OUI confirmed that the comeback will be on february 24, 2021.On february 24, 2021 WEi released their second mini álbum "IDENTITY: Challenge" with the title track 모 아님 도 (All Or Nothing) written, produced and arranged by the leader Jang DaeHyeon. All Or Nothing is a song full of confidence about the challenges and growth that WEi experienced as they overcame hardships with a powerful coreography.SECOND COMEBACK! IDENTITY: ACTIONOn May 5, 2021, an article shared that WEi were planning to make their second comeback next month in early June. Then on May 24, 2021 OUI dropped the teaser and date for their 3rd mini album "IDENTITY: ACTION" which is the last one of the 'identity' series, this will be on June 9, 2021.Each letter of 'ACTION' represents one member: Yongha 'Addiction', Donghan 'Charisma', Yohan 'Temptation', Seokhwa 'Impressive', Daehyeon 'Optimum' and Junseo 'Noble'.OFFICIAL LOGO AND COLORSOn October 4, 2021 (KST), at 10 pm OUI unveiled WEi's official colors which are: Pantone 297C, Pantone 281C and Pantone 7679C. An hour later, the official RUi logo was unveiled and also, the first recruitment was opened.THIRD COMEBACK! Love Pt.1: First Love After 9 months, an article confirmed that WEi would have their comeback in mid-March, so on February 27, 2022 OUI uploaded the first promotional image of the new album and new trilogy starting with their 4th mini album "Love Pt.1: First Love", dated March 16, 2022.Finally on March 16, 2022, the mini album was revealed, with the title track "Too Bad", which is a colorful MV full of WEi's essence.OFFICIAL LIGHTSTICK AND 1ST CONCERT "First Love" On March 18, 2022, a teaser image of the next official lightstick was uploaded through WEi's official accounts, and then on March 21, 2022, the details of the WEi lightstick were revealed and pre-orders for the lightstick began.On the same day that the lightstick was officially released, WEi's first concert was announced through a promotional image, this concert would be on April 16 and 17, 2022 at 6PM KST at the KBS Arena.

OFFICIAL WEi's MVs, realitys, covers etc.

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WEi's COVERSLove Shot - EXO (dance cover ver. OT4 2020)
Spring Day - BTS
My House - 2PM
Love Shot - EXO (OT6 2020 Ver.)
Love Shot - EXO (OT6 2021 Ver.)
In Summer
Passion - SE7EN
Arirang Medley
SOLO COVERSLovesick girls - BLACKPINK (by seokhwa and daehyeon)
SHAKE IT - SISTAR (by donghan and seokhwa
Gotta Go - Chungha (by donghan and choa)
BOSS - NCT U (by donghan and monday from weeekly)
WA-R-R - Colde
Natural - Imagine Dragons
So Long - Paul Kim
GANG - Rain
Full Moon - Sunmi
you should see me in a crown (dance)
My House - 2PM
Mirotic - TVXQ
Wild Eyes - Shinhwa
Good-Night Kiss - Jun Hyoseong
Good Day - IU
MOVE - Taemin
The Eve - EXO
WANT - Taemin
Give Me Your Heart - IU
That's Okay - D.O
Come back to me - SE7EN
I'm In Love - Colde
The road - Paul Kim
All of my life - Park Won
Paper Hearts - Tori Kelly
Christopher - Bad
Winter Child - Suzy
Father - Insooni
Take you down - Chris Brown
Coffee with me - Paul Kim

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Jang Dae-Hyeon (장대현)
Vocal, dancer, composer, rapper and leader
South Korea
February 11, 1997

— he trained for 9 months.
— he is a former member of RAINZ, a project group that promoted for a year, they disbanded on october 28, 2018.
— in RAINZ he was the main rapper.
— he ranked #83 on produce 101 season 2.
— he has tattoos.
— his role models are G-Dragon and ZICO.
— he likes to compose his songs.
— his specialty is cooking.
— his favorite color is pink.
— he debuted as a soloist on august 23, 2019, with his single "feel good".
— his roommate is seokhwa.
— he participated in lyrics for all songs on WEi's debut.
— he produced "Fuze" for WEi's first mini album.
— he enjoys taking selfies, eating and socializing.
— he has 4 national civil engineering certificates and a driver's license.
— he helped with write, produce and arrange for "All Or Nothing" title track of WEi's second mini album.

Kim Dong-Han (김동한)
Actor, vocal and dancer
Daegu, South Korea
July 03, 1998

Tourism Web Drama" — he trained for a year and six months.
— he was a member of the busking group D.O.B.
— he practiced martial arts, specifically aikido
— he ranked #29 on produce 101 season 2.
— he is a former member of JBJ, a project group that promoted for 6 months, they disbanded on april 30, 2018.
— he debuted as a soloist on june 19, 2018.
— he likes to watch dramas and movies.
— he has many nicknames and one of his favorites is "Hodu", the reason for this name is that his middle finger is so strong that it can crack a walnut (hodu in Korean).
— a week after he debuted, he won first place on The Show becoming the fastest solo artist to win in music shows.
— he loves chicken.
— his passion is dance.
— his rol model is taemin and he met him on Idol Room.
— he acted in the musical "Iron Mask" from November 2019 until January 2020.
— he made and OST for the k-drama "different dreams", click to listen
— he debuted as an actor in the web drama "TRAP".
— he made the coreography with Junseo for "Hug You" (WEi's song).
— he participated in a trot show.
— his roommate is junseo.
— he won a gold medal in 2020 e-sports ISAC KartRider.
— he participated in the tourism promotion project "Mobile Phone Romance in Daegu" by Daegu Tourism Organization through a web drama.
— he participated in the idol show competition "Double Trouble".

Yoo Yong-Ha (유용하)
Rapper and dancer
South Korea
January 11, 1999

— he auditioned for the survival show the unit but he didn't enter the competition.
— he was a member of the busking group Liberty
— in under nineteen he was part of the rap team.
— in the final of under nineteen he ranked #6, being part of the lineup of 1THE9.
— he was the leader of 1THE9.
— his favorite food is chicken.
— he calls himself a cat.
— his role models are donghan and bts.
— he's a shy person.
— he likes anime.
— he's a fan of Monsta X (he's a monbebe).
— his roomate is yohan.

Kim Yo-Han (김요한)
Vocal, rapper, actor and dancer
Jungnang-gu, Seoul, South Korea
September 22, 1999

— he trained for 3 months when he joined produce x 101.
— he practiced taekwondo for 13 years and won 2 championships.
— when he joined OUI, he wanted to be an actor.
— he has two younger sisters.
— during produce x 101 he always remained in the top10, reaching to the final and debut in the project group as center, he ranked #1.
— he is a former member of X1, a project group that promoted for 5 months, they disbanded on january 6, 2020.
— on august 25, 2020 he released a solo single called "no more".
— he is known to have a goofy and carefree personality.
— he acted in the remake of the chinese drama "A Love So Beautiful", interpreting Cha Heon, the main role.
— he released an OST for the drama "A Love So Beautiful" on january 10, 2021, you can listen to it here.
— he acted in "School 2021", this series is the eighth installment of the "School" franchise, he plays the role of Gong KiJoon.
— on january 10, 2022, made a solo comeback with the mini album "Illusion" and its little track "Dessert".
— he was MC along with yeosang from ateez and jihan from weeekly, in season 6 of "The Show" from march 2, 2021 to december 14, 2021.
— his roommate is yongha.

Kang Seok-Hwa (강석화)
Vocal and dancer
South korea
December 01, 2000

— he was trainee in jyp and yg.
— he participated in yg treasure box but he was eliminated.
— he participated in produce x 101 as an individual trainee, after the show ended he signed with OUI on september 2, 2019.
— he chose to join OUI after Yohan recommended the company to him, yohan told him that OUI feels like a family with a comfortable atmosphere and that's why Seokhwa decided to sign with them.
— he is a huge fan of Apink.
— he likes to perform girl group songs.
— he ranked #35 in produce x 101.
— his roommate is daehyeon.
— he's never been to a hotel until OUI BOYS filmed their Oui Are Friends reality show in a hotel.
— he has a dog named "Cookie".

Kim Jun-Seo (김준서)
Vocal and dancer
South Korea
November 28, 2001

— in under nineteen he was part of the performance team.
— his nicknames are prince junseo and visual prince.
— he learned martial arts, his special trick is the hapkido breakfall.
— in the final of under nineteen he ranked #9, being part of the lineup of 1THE9.
— he debuted in 1THE9 with yongha.
— his roommate is donghan.
— he's the maknae.
— he's the only left handed member of WEi.
— helped with "Diffuser" lyrics.


IDENTITY: First Sight 1st Mini Album
October 5, 2020


IDENTITY: Challenge 2nd Mini Album
February 24, 2021


IDENTITY: Action 3rd Mini Album
June 9, 2021

[SINGLE] Starry Night (prod. by dress)
October 1, 2021

Love Pt.1: First Love 4th Mini Album
March 16, 2022

Japan 1st Single Album August 11, 2022